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Auntie Ina's Soap

I handmake Glycerine and Coconut soap with Tropical Island themes and ingredients.  The soaps are highly fragrant and I package them beautifully with shells, nuts or wood and Coconut raffia.  They make wonderful gifts and are suitable for wedding favors.

I also make Pharmacy grade unscented soap with antimicrobial properties called Pure Defense and Salt Scrubs.  These soaps can take care of persistent skin conditions.

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Kaua'i Sunrise Shells

Sunrise Shells are rare, brilliant marvels found on Kaua'i. Known formally as Langford‘s Pectens, the Shells received their popular name of Sunrise because their colorations - and their forms when held upright - remind us of the sun rising in all its brilliance. Anyone lucky enough to be wearing a Sunrise can take advantage of the ancient of the ancient history of these Shells as bringers of fortune and happy circumstances.